Harry Holtzman works sculpture 1941 42 painting construction

Harry Holtzman 





Oil and Tempera on cheesecloth or muslin, laid down on masonite.

152.4X30.5 cm

Inscribed top on wooden support

“Harry Holtzman/1941-42 Sculpture”

Gift of the Artist Dec 1949


Of this painting construction (Sculpture 1941) by Harry Holtzman now in the collection of the Yale University Art Gallery, Mondrian commented:

“In the present three dimensional works of H.H. (Harry Holtzman) the picture moves still more from the wall into our surrounding space. In this way the painting more literally annihilates the three dimensional volume.” 

(letter to Harry Holtzman 6 1 1942 cited by Daniel Abadie in the catalogue ‘Paris New York Paris’, Paris Musee National d’Art Moderne Centre George Pompidou 1977)

The piece, included in the “Spring Salon for Young Artists” (18 May – 26 June 1943)at the Art of this Century Gallery in New York, was also shown in the Maya Deren’s film Witch’s Cradle” filmed at the AoTC during the August 1943.

According to Nancy J. Troy Holtzman’s sculptures are akin to works by European and American artists who sought to apply Mondrian’s principle of Neoplasticism into the three dimension. 

Cesar Domela, Jean Gurin, B Diller,worked out from the painted surface but still adhering to that surface for their overall concept. 

Harry Holtzman set out in a new direction by working in the round.

(Extract from a contribute of the author of the blog on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Holtzman )