Harry Holtzman Abstract Art in America Lawrence Campbell April 1991

Harry Holtzman

Art in America

Lawrence Campbell

April 1991



Harry Holtzman


painted wood and stone

83 X 31 inches


Harry Holtzman described them as

” Lessons for Architects”.

Each consists of up-rights that are spaced apart in rhythmic relationships to the solid planes and spaces between them, which function as color and noncolor, respectively.

It seems to this reviewer that the principal lesson to be drawn from this exhibition, as well as from Burgoyne Diller’s recent memorial show at the Whithney, is that the use is pure, unmodulated colors and rights angles and the avoidance of the diagonal need to not hem in an artist or signify any loss in individual expression.

To the contrary, Holtzman Diller and Bolotowsky made distinctive works that bore relationships to Mondrian without copying them.