1937 Litograph portfolio American Abstract Artists Squibb Gallery New York






1937- AAA -Squibb-cover.jpg

In 1937, one year after the establishment of the American Abstract Artists (AAA) group, a General Prospectus was issued that called for the exposure and understanding of abstract and non-objective art through the exhibition of its artwork. 



In 1937 , on April 2nd, the American Abstract Artists (AAA) with 39 of its members organized and exhibited  the the  first AAA exhibition at Squibb Gallery. 

This was the largest and most attended American abstract art exhibition outside of a major museum in the 1930s. 



On occasion of this exhibition, the AAA did not print a catalogue but produced a portfolio of original 31 zinc plate 

lithographs including the frontispiece.

There is also a numbered artist list. 32 pieces, 12 x 9 1/4 inches, printed by Cane Press in New York City. 

According to Susan C. Larsen, ” Five hundred copies were printed and sold for fifty 

cents at Squibb Gallery. Only a few are known to be extant; a complete portfolio is on file with the Archives of American Art,” (The American Abstract Artists: A Documentary History 1936-1941, Archives of American Art Journal, volume 14, number 1, 1975, p. 3). 

List of the Artists:


Rosalind Bengelsdorf

Ilya Bolotowsky

Harry Bowden

Byron Browne

George Cavallon

A. N. Christie

Werner Drewes

Herzl Emmanuel

Balcomb Greene

Gertrude Greene

Hananiah Harari

Carl Holty

Ray Kaiser

Paul Kelpe

M. Kennedy

Ibram Lassaw

Agnes Lyall

Alice Trumbull Mason

George McNeil

George L. K. Morris

John Opper

Ralph M. Rosenborg

Louis Schanker

Charles G. Shaw

Esphyr Slobodkina

Albert Swinden

R. D. Turnbull

Vaclav Vytlacil

Frederick J. Whiteman


W. M. Zogbaum