Harry Holtzman Drawings 1930’s Sculpture 1980’s Washburn Gallery New York 1990

Harry Holtzman Drawings 1930’s Sculpture 1980’s


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New York

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New York, New York 10019
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Text of the catalogue reprinted from:

Abstract painting and sculpture in America 1927-1944 

Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh

in Association with Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers,

New York, 1983, pp.175-177

ISBN 0-8109-1805-6


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The evolution of the artistic research of Harry Holtzman of the decades successive to the 40’s led him to illustrate semanticim’s theory of the interrelation of symbolization and perception in some of his works.

The end result of this long research was a series of “open reliefs”: free standing structures painted to stimulate the visual interchange between the rectilinear solids and the voids as they were shaped by the solids, representing in their interaction the movement and space in viable experience.(1)(2)(3)

These final works were exhibited in public for the first time three years after the death of Harry Holtzman, in 1990 at the Washburn Gallery of New York.




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