Piet Mondrian Harry Holtzman letter archive RKD The Hague


Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie/Netherlands Institute for Art History

(RKD Archive)

The Hague Netherland

The RKD has succeeded in acquiring in 2012 the unique

Piet Mondrian-Harry Holtzman Archive


 Besides Mondrian’s letters to the American artist Harry Holtzman, which go back to 1935, the archive contains correspondence with various others, an address book, photographs, as well as personal documents from the artist’s estate.

What makes this private archive unique is that it reflects both Mondrian’s art and his personality.

The content of this important archive relates primarily to Mondrian’s departure for New York from London in 1940 and to his subsequent stay in the US.

He described his doubts and deliberations to make the crossing in letters to his friend Harry Holtzman.

When Mondrian died, it emerged that he had appointed Holtzman as his sole heir.

The correspondence between the two artists has never been published and includes numerous details about their friendship as well as the final period of Mondrian’s work, his exhibitions and his artistic milieu in New York.


For more information about the acquisition of the archive, and requests for visual material: Wietse Coppes, assistant Curator of De Stijl Archives and Collections (coppes@rkd.nl / 070-333 9713) and Anita Hopmans, Chief Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art (hopmans@rkd.nl / 070-333 9741 / 06 8317 3936).